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9TH - 15TH JUNE 2024

Gong with Octagonal shape
Octagonal gong

"Sound of Devotion" a week-long retreat in the charming Italian medieval village of Calcata, where you can dive deep into sound and inner exploration. At the Sound of Devotion retreat, we will tap into the energy of devotion and the magic of sound with the Grotta Sonora family

We'll spend these seven days fully immersing in the practice of sound healing.
Starting the days with movement, meditation and music sessions 
blending yoga, pranayama and sound healing. Afternoons and evenings will be full of workshops and sound baths for learning and experimentation, kirtan to open the hearts, and ecstatic dance session to explore free and spontaneous movement.


Apart from the sound, you'll also get the chance to explore the surrounding nature through guided walks and outdoor meditation, connecting with the earth and rejuvenating your spirit. Together we will enjoy fresh local food prepared with extra love to nourish our body and soul.

The village of Calcata adds to the charm with its Etruscan caves, cobblestone streets. Workshops and activities during the week will entirely take place in the beautiful spaces offered by the Municipality of Calcata and from the Parco Valle del Treja: the halls of the baronial palace of the town of Calcata, and the ancient granary of the village renovated into a concert hall.
Your accommodations and meals are all taken care by Opera di Donne
a local women's project that supports the local community.


At its core, the Sound of Devotion retreat is about listening deeply, feeling fully, and recognizing that we're all part of life's beautiful melody. Whether you're new to sound healing or a seasoned practitioner, this retreat welcomes everyone ready to explore the transformative power of sound.

100 cm/40" Gamelagong
40"/100 cm Gamelagong
120 cm Giant Gong
120 cm Giant Gong

The team of friends that will guide you through the retreat week.

A diverse group of artists and musicians that have made their devotion to sound the centre of their life, coming together from around the world to share their talents. 

Picture of the gong makers

Grotta Sonora


Madhava Carrara and Margherita Cioffi, founders of the Grotta Sonora project. Artisans and musicians exploring different shapes of sound and resonance since 2016.
Our mission is to share and spread the power of sound and harmony.

Sound Healer's picture

Harmonic Hearts

Akasha & Kira are traveling yogis and sound healers, facilitating transformative experiences worldwide for five years. Rooted in yogic philosophy, their practice incorporates diverse modalities from their global travels. They harness the power of sound and breath for profound transformation, sharing joy and expansion. With an array of instruments like crystal alchemy singing bowls and grotta sonora gongs, they invite others to explore the depths of themselves together in love.

Jochen  Fassbender's picture

Jochen Fassbender  artisan and musician

Since 45 years in the sound research and design field.
He integrates various professions like sound object builder, inventor, musician, explorer, and teacher, fostering collaborations across diverse fields. He embraces a wide range of materials for his instruments, often partnering with craftsmen like stonemasons, bell founders, blacksmiths, or glass blowers. His sound art emphasizes connection, recognizing listening as a powerful force for bringing people together.



Sarasvati Dasi

Singer / DJ /
Multi-Instrumentalist • KIRTANI

Vijay Krsna

Kirtan singer


The whole retreat will take place inside the Medieval town of Calcata, builded on the top of a cliff and surrounded by the forest and river, a little characteristic and intimate village were no cars are allowed. 
Here is a gallery of some of the rooms offered by Opera di Donne for the week.


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