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  • WWhat are your gongs made of?
    After experimenting and working with iron and steel for a few years, we selected a new steel alloy that we call Sacred Metal.
  • What can I use to clean the instruments?
    We recommend cleaning the instruments using a soft micro fiber cloth and IPA MAX professional cleaner, which you can easily order online.
  • Can I touch my gong with my hands?
    We recommend that you not touch the gong directly with your hands, as the oils on your skin could stain the metal. If that happens though, you can always clean it with the cleaner. It is absolutely NOT to be touched with sweaty hands, because the stains can become permanent if not removed right away.
  • How to play my Grotta Sonora Gong?
    Most of our Gongs have the fundamental note tuned to the center and the rest of the natural harmonic series between the center and the rim of the Gong. The best way to play the fundamental note is to gently hit the center of the gong with a soft mallet. Since we love rubber balls, our gongs sound great when played with these tools. The outer band of the gong around the edge can be played to produce lower harmonics. To do so, we recommend using the 60-mm rubber ball from the Lava edition of KongKlang. When playing the inner bands, closer and closer to the center, you can use smaller rubber balls to resonate higher harmonics. Please see the videos on our youtube channel or Facebook page for further visual instructions.
  • Which mallet do you recommend for playing your Grotta Sonora gongs?
    We love the softness of the Profi Gong mallet of Ollihess in its three sizes: Profi Gong Mallet lite 100, Profi Gong Mallet lite 200 and Profi Gong Mallet L460. But each mallet sounds different, so feel free to experiment with different mallets and different textures to find your favorites
  • Which rubber balls or flumi mallets do you recommend?
    We use KongKlang rubber balls of the Ying and Yang edition, and Ollihess rubber balls of the Lava edition. We particularly recommend the 60 mm size.
  • How can I order one of your gongs?
    Go to the Musical Instruments page of our website, choose the model, type of decoration and size you prefer and contact us by email or through our Facebook or Instagram pages. We normally have gongs in stock ready to ship, but if we don't have what you want, we will build it for you.
  • Is it possible to order a gong tuned to a specific frequency?
    Yes, it is always possible to request a gong tuned to a specific note or frequency. We usually prefer to resonate the gong at its natural best without pushing it to a precise frequency, but we can tune it if you need that.
  • What are the waiting times for a custom instrument?
    Waiting times are shorter for gongs (one to two weeks), and a bit longer (up to one month) for all other instruments. To confirm an order, just pay a deposit, with the balance to be paid when the instrument is finished, before delivery.
  • What courier do you use?
    We use different shippers to offer our customers the safest and least expensive solution to ship their gongs. Usually we rely on DHL and UPS for international shipments, and on BRT and SDA for European and national shipments.
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