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Our gongs and sound sculptures are built in our cave in Italy. We have created MANY of different designs to be used for customizing each gong. The look of our gongs reflects our search for a rich and colorful sound. As musicians we like to tune our gongs to  unique resonance effects.


This gong has folded rim, which allows the fundamental tone, or heart, to resonate more and maintain a presence in the overall sound.


Available in sizes: 65 cm/26”, 85 cm/34” and 95 cm/38 “.


Flat gong with a more open sound, similar to the Chinese Wind Gong.

Available in size: 80 cm/32".

Mandala 3.jpg

The 19” Handheld Gong model has born to create the perfect travel size gong, but still very powerful and rich of overtones. Swinging sand spinning this gong in the air the sound of the gong gets distorted creating beautiful sound scapes.

Available only in the 19” size


Gong with the folded rim made in very large sizes. To increase the duration (the “sustain”) of the sound they are made of a thicker material than the smaller sizes.

Available in sizes: 120 cm/50", 150 cm/60” and 180 cm/70 ".

2021-05-30_Grotta_sonora_999_326-Modifica copia.jpg

Custom made gongs with unique hand made engraved designs.

servizio fotografico senza titolo-342-Modifica-Modifica.jpg
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