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Our first instruments were crafted in an Etruscan origin cave in Calcata, an ancient village in the Treja Valley closed to Rome. The cave turned out to be the perfect place to play these newly-crafted instruments, thus kicking off the “Grotta Sonora” project.

The harmony of the instruments make the cave , named GROTTA SONORA , a true interactive gallery. 


It started as the home of an “ensemble” of unique instruments, putting people in touch with sound and its vibrations and combining hearing and visual experiences, but the project is always in progress, It's a continuous development and experimentation process. 

In the first period the The cave was open to visitors, and after we decided to share our instruments and sell them also internationally to the large sound healing community, while continuing to put creativity and love into our products.


Grotta Sonora is a good location for concerts, and we are happy to invite artists with experimental projects to perform in our space.


All the events at Grotta Sonora are published on our social  pages.

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Grotta Sonora is located close to Calcata, a charming medieval village, 47 kilometers north of Rome, overlooking the Treja Valley, once the bed of the Tiber river.

Calcata is also known as the “village of artists” and in recent years has become a thriving tourist destination.


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